Tag: creative

  • Reborn

    The soft whisper of the wind  Echoing through the cavern The air is warm  Tropical  I breathe in  The musky scent  Wondering who’s abode  I have stumbled into  As I wander further in  I reach a long winding path  With suspended doors  Reaching into eternity  Colors of deep mahogany  To vivid pinks  And mystic purples. […]

  • Night Terror

    Bound by invisible rope Extremities fighting to move  As the mouth in my minds eye  Opens wide like a black hole  Screaming  Into a void  My body  Petrified  Trapped inside a prism  With Satan on my chest  Tap tap tap  Goes his fingers on my forehead Black ink shrouding his face  Tendrils of midnight smoke […]

  • Memories

    I found myself laying down  In a pile of your old clothes  Inhaling the smell of old spice Fresh and crisp  Mixed with a tinge of musk  And a brush of coconut  A scent that is undeniably you  Unexplainable  It just is  Where everything else in the world  Is ambiguous  It feels like a pair […]

  • Safety

    In the lines of your hands There are split streams running across above and below finding a home at the base of a forest of faint trees with whispers of leaves tracing my fingers to the end comforting hoping the future in those defined grooves tell me that you will keep us safe From the […]

  • Paint

    My eyes stare blankly into space  Thoughts of you swim in my mind  Fingers poised  Holding on to feathers  Hesitant at first  Then with vigor  Outlining your angular face  Moving  To your midnight eyes  staying here a moment  remembering  The brightness of your pupil  As it enlarges  Creasing into laugh lines  To your straight  narrow  […]

  • After the parade

    A photo of a trillion galaxies  Caught on film  Made  By Human hands  And  Yet here we stand  Mere grains of sand  Smaller still  Breathing,  Living,  Making meaning  In dystopian  Society. Our worth  Unfolding  Through our causes  Agency in identity  Boundless sexuality Anything that is  Expression  In its most raw  shape. I reach for you  […]

  • Creating

    I try to form  Art  Mold it like clay  With deft fingers  Speaking another language  Hoping to convey  An absence of contrivance  Wishing to be  Spontaneous  With genuine force  Where beauty showcases  Each and every aspect  Individually  However  Juxtaposed  To enhance  And not take away  But form  Pushes me to meddle With the final  Piece.  […]

  • Own It

    The ivy plant drapes On the sill  Simultaneously  Stretching wide   Like extended phalanges  Reaching its limit  As it  Climbs down Tickling  The wall  Reaching for a kiss  From the wooden floor Completely unaware  Of its occupation of space Beautiful 

  • Humanity

    I believe in the little things  The sweet hellos when I pass you  The knowing smile  The wave from afar  The beauty of it  Individualized  But part of a cosmic whole Patterns that speak  For each and every instance means  More than you know 

  • Unspoken

    Like culled wild flowers Words pulled from roots  Only to touch upon  rudimentary meaning  Depth evading us  For we feel  And feel Until our eyes fill with tears Mourning  The dead flowers  In our heart.