Tag: freeverse

  • Tears

    It seeps through me,  the sadness,  like water on lined paper.  The lines blur,  just a trace.  In time the blue fades, I watch it in wonder.  As I run my fingers across,  an unknown line is crossed.  Acknowledgement, I suppose.  Slowly the paper grows texture,  Moss like,  Then, with a slight give,  crumbling.  In […]

  • Spanish Garden

    Idyllic garden, What can I say about you? Showcasing your beautiful summer,  Enhanced by angular manmade walkways. Flaunting a wild beauty unparalleled, Lushness to the brim,  Centered by a stone fountain.  My fingers drawn to touch,  Cold and smooth, Against the hot sun. It is here, I sat,  And wept tears of joy.  For in […]

  • There is love

    Did you know that the sea speaks to me? The sweet ebb and flow of the water,  Lulls me into a deep trance.  It tells me to continue, To embrace the suffering,  And remember the sweetness. It tells me to sleep, On those starless nights, To appreciate the love, When the stars bloom. It teaches […]

  • Morning Routine

    The blaring sharpness of the alarm sounds Under the grey blue of the morning light  One more minute, I mumble  The chirpy melody continues  With immense speed I dash toward the desk  Eyes filled with sleep  Grab the phone  Quick Swipe Joyous peace and quiet  I tumble back into bed The warmth of the blanket […]

  • Meditation

    I sat there counting to 100. breathing in, breathing out.  Images float into my consciousness, the first thought is to hold on to it, magnify it, stretch it out, dig into it, turn it upside down. Rumination takes center stage.  Remember, back to breath. 50, 51, 52,  Spine tall, sounds reach my ears, the soft […]

  • On the self

    When you become tired, of,  simply,  surface jumping.  Dive deeper,  Be brave.  Look beyond,  the space where the sand kisses the ocean. Dive deeper, reaching for more depth. Deeper still, as phantom manta rays envelop you. Dive deeper, as pitch black night transitions into ghostly glimmers. Dive deeper,  as the air becomes too sparse to […]

  • The E Train

    Subway doors open, Holding top handrail, Swaying like grass, Soft engine rumble, Eyes lulled into phone stupor, A homeless man sleeps.

  • The Embrace

    As the air fills with smoke, the haze nudges my body awake. warm sensations at a slow rumble, morphing into hot air,  it’s almost dirty, I say.  each orifice pulsating,  vile heat, dry heat  a reptilian existence.  The physical world tilts,  as halting revelations crystallize, the psyche exist in pieces of stray paper notes, content […]

  • Soft Piano Songs

    There was a time not long ago,Where fingers reach for the moon,Falling short.Hand held out still,Waiting.Deep aches of the heart,Spilling.There lies witness in the stars,As a nightingale,Tumbles,The night sky.Violin strings sing,As tears fall,Illuminating,Moon to moon.Folded eyes bathed in pale light,Glistening wet,Music of the night,Clinching to the pains of the day.Let it go,softly,softly,softly,With the crash of […]

  • Cigarette Break

    Breeze in the day,Sunlight warming prickly skin.Exhale,Ringlets of cigarette smoke,Disappearing into the wind.Invisible tendrils,Attaching to the collar of a shirt,The hem of a skirt.Inhale,Cool mint.The sound of paper burning,Eyes on the horizon,Revisiting,Capsule memory.A feeling,With the scent of old smokes.