Tag: haiku

  • Orbit- A haiku series

    Focusing my mind  The static sound of white noise  Soothing my thoughts  A porcelain bowl sits Waiting to be admired  For its craftsmanship  As I bring my breath  Back toward the center line  Peace envelops me 

  • Somedays

    Some days I feel like,  A prickly pear cactus, sharp  Yet, made to bear fruit 

  • Thursday’s Rain

    The Pitter-patter,  Of rain falling to the ground,  As I lay here warm.  My thoughts lazily,  Swirling in my mind, hoping  To catch my focus. I move to get up,  Like honey, clinging on to  The tip of a spoon.

  • Circus # 7- a haiku series

    Neon lights flicker,  The clown has entered the room.  Deranged laughter.  The elephants’ eyes,  A deep moist amber, cry out   Sad and desperate.  Little children speak,  In deep somber tones, watching your every movement.    A finger points there  The silent ventriloquist Smiling widely Perched on a tent  Lonely is the raven’s call  Disjointed limbs…

  • Night light- A Haiku Series 

    As the wind picks up  The soft crinkle of paper  Rustles through the air  A star filled night sky  With lanterns drifting upward  Whispering wishes Humming softly still Into the infinite space  Between hopes and dreams

  • Untitled

    Rapid wings beating,  Anticipation mounting, Oh spring are you here? 

  • Renewal

    The moon is beaming, As the Sycamore trees sigh, A Luna moth glides.

  • Untitled

    Mysterious night, Watch the hermit crab scurry, As the waves return.

  • Writer’s Block

    Musing upside down,  The glimmer of a house plant,  Nothing comes to mind.

  • Sweet Sorrow

    As the full moon beams, The nightingale rise in song, My heart is empty.