Tag: love

  • Leaving You

    The tears came before I knew  a torrent   On an ordinary day.  Then  It came again  When the evening hour Colored the winter sky  A blue grey.  I sat there  On the bus  Going someplace  As I stared into the world  Through the dirty window  I distinctly remember looking away.   Only to be […]

  • Home

    A Sakura tree against the soft blue sky. Cherry blossoms drift, Leaving home. Wandering with the wind, the petals dance into the stream. Floating gently, Searching for, permanence. Only to find, Water Fluid Alive. As silver fish leap, Breaking, The soft flesh, Apart. Arriving, Where honeysuckle climb, the trellis of a cottage. As Hummingbirds, Linger. […]

  • Chasing Beauty

    Its in the way  it becomes  Itself  Completely. Allowing you Only   just enough  Space  To Witness  Its  Unfolding.  

  • No More

    An empty well Stands. Bricks worn by the beating sun.  Tired. An old wooden bucket  Forlorn, hanging haphazardly  On a weathered rope. Waiting  For water.  Rain will never come  In this desert. Just as  My heart will never beat  For you again.

  • Post itz

    Today’s a nice day, I muse.  I pull open the one window in the kitchen. My arms turns to gooseflesh.  A bit crisp.  I breathe in,  Then,  Release.  Fresh start.  I turn toward the pot of coffee on brew, The smell wafting into my focus. Bringing fond memories,  Of us,  Eating breakfast,  On a Sunday.  […]

  • On Grove

    Soft chatter fills, open space.  The lights are dimmed.  Candles flicker.  A wall of artifacts sit,  like stone.  Their shapes casting shadows,  Dancing,  On the wall. A woman in pink,  Standing.  Fluid wrist movement,  Reaching,  For the amplifier. Her mouth poised,  In an o.  From deep within, a voice,  carries the rainbow,  Into the midnight […]

  • In a Parallel universe 

    Before the shadow arrived, I remember, Flashes, Of your smile.  Playful,  Yet,  Menacing.  Like you held the world in your palm.  That was the first day I knew  Before the lighting arrived,  I remember, A glimpse of  Your hands in a gentle caress.  Mixed with Hailing  Rain.  That was the day I cried  Before the […]

  • The Process

    Coffee stains  On a ceramic mug  A half smoked cigarette perched on the ashtray Keyboard clacking  As you figuratively move across the screen  In my minds eye  In fits and starts  Filling all corners of my being  With concoctions of words  To describe you  Coffee stains  On a sheet of loose leaf paper  A smudge […]

  • Left Unsaid

    In the quiet spaces, In between words, I wanted to say, I love you.

  • Hopeless Romantic

    Love is but an, Evolutionary program. As my hand reaches for yours, warmth seeping to my core. Love is but a, Machine. Designed by logic. As my lips searches for yours, fire burning through my veins.  Love is but an, Evolutionary program. As my eyes met yours,  Electric currents reaching my soul. Love is but […]