Tag: nature

  • Home

    A Sakura tree against the soft blue sky. Cherry blossoms drift, Leaving home. Wandering with the wind, the petals dance into the stream. Floating gently, Searching for, permanence. Only to find, Water Fluid Alive. As silver fish leap, Breaking, The soft flesh, Apart. Arriving, Where honeysuckle climb, the trellis of a cottage. As Hummingbirds, Linger.…

  • A Challenging Hike

    Swift movement  Climbing up  My breath rapidly oscillating  Sweat dripping  clinging on to cloth  internally  I scream  Externally,  My boots move  Right,  Left,  Right,  Left Until  I reach the peak.  A breeze beckons  As my eyes drink in  The beauty of nature.

  • Basking

    My feet finds the earth, worn in like lived in denim, as the spring birds sing, praising the sun guardian, The heart finds tranquility. 

  • Spanish Garden

    Idyllic garden, What can I say about you? Showcasing your beautiful summer,  Enhanced by angular manmade walkways. Flaunting a wild beauty unparalleled, Lushness to the brim,  Centered by a stone fountain.  My fingers drawn to touch,  Cold and smooth, Against the hot sun. It is here, I sat,  And wept tears of joy.  For in…

  • Paradise Fuel

    A man on a raft, Moving slow down the river, The birds do not sing.