Tag: naturesbeauty

  • Home

    A Sakura tree against the soft blue sky. Cherry blossoms drift, Leaving home. Wandering with the wind, the petals dance into the stream. Floating gently, Searching for, permanence. Only to find, Water Fluid Alive. As silver fish leap, Breaking, The soft flesh, Apart. Arriving, Where honeysuckle climb, the trellis of a cottage. As Hummingbirds, Linger.…

  • A Challenging Hike

    Swift movement  Climbing up  My breath rapidly oscillating  Sweat dripping  clinging on to cloth  internally  I scream  Externally,  My boots move  Right,  Left,  Right,  Left Until  I reach the peak.  A breeze beckons  As my eyes drink in  The beauty of nature.

  • The Hunger

    Like sprouting spores, breaking its way out, Eating.  Moving in hyper-lapse,  sucking nutrients from trunk of tree,  Insatiable.   Silent rapid movement,  blooming,  spreading, infecting,   me.  It begins, my hand to mouth,  gnashing teeth,  my hand to mouth.  Moving frenzy,  my hand to mouth,  no thoughts,  my hand to mouth. Black hole,  my hand…

  • The Journey

    It comes in whispers Nudging you to remember How far you have come

  • The Music of Lilies

    Like Nuvole Bianche, Lilies bloom in crescendo, Overwhelmed to tears.

  • Disappearing Act

    In my waking dream, The meadows calls for the nymph, Jubilant laughter.

  • Dripping

    Eerily beautiful, Bulbs of enticing delight, Place you in my mouth.

  • Thoughts on Sunbeams

    Why is it that on somedays, I mentally kneel down, Tilt my head to the sky, Touch my fingers to my brows, My chest, Shoulder pads, Praise the omnipotent. Not exactly, Pious. But, something sends a release. Maybe I fear grave yards, The spirits slowly shifting three quarters watching, Telling, Judgement. Or that my heart…

  • Soothing Waters

    From water to silk, The caress of your loving, Quell my aching bones.

  • Daydreams

    Bows dance across strings, Catch the rustling of the leaves. Vivaldi’s Seasons.