Tag: tanka

  • Summer Citrus

    I lie on the couch,  vibrations swirl in the air,  my eyes land on you, a white speck on a white wall, contemplating permanence. 

  • Window to my soul

    An open window,  my eyes reach beyond the frame,  watching the snow fall,  hands warmed by a cup of tea, reminiscing about you. 

  • Sleep No More

    As I close my eyes,  the indent of my body,  folding into sleep,  molds the mattress underneath.  In this corner of the world. Inward, my mind goes,  troubled by recurring thoughts, turned into odd dreams. Huge bouncing balls reveal beasts, clawing to reach stained mirrors.  Tossing and turning,  sweat dripping on cotton sheets.  Feverish groaning, …

  • Sweet Home

    It came in the night, Chameleon like monsters, Sacrilege of flesh, Gorging on the innocent, Tainting the first light of dawn.

  • A Quiet Walk

    After the long rain, The smell of dead leaves linger,  filling my nostrils, As I walk the woods alone. Clutching on to memories.

  • Little Creatures

    Once upon a time, There lived fairies in the vines, Small transparent wings, Carrying light and laughter, As the midsummer wind blows.

  • Paradox

    The deep stained lover,Laid amongst magnolias,Opening skyward,The wind settles with despair,Revealing datura’s bloom.

  • My Body Trembles

    My body trembles,As the soft glow of fireflies,Illuminates, space. While Lanterns like white egrets,Invite soft lips of the wind. My body trembles,As the sense of stillness fills,My being, holding. As lacquered shapes emulate, The warmth of the hearth. My body trembles, As the muted red floor soothes,Pulling on bamboo,Cradling my gentle soul,Into an abyss of…

  • An Affair

    Elope with me there Where wood suspends in mid airAs the river flowsBack into the sea, reprieve There our embrace will be free My love, you must wait The sun and stars must align My children must see That you are the one for me Until then we cannot leave Promises by moon Shattered by…

  • First Crush

    I sat there waiting, Red bike on an empty street, Pedaling closer, The boldness makes my heart race, Witnessed by quiet power lines.