Tag: tankapoem

  • Long Past

    Running down the road, As snow crystals touch my face,  Sweet remembrance,  Seeking solace on warm skin,  Melting, tears stream down for you. 

  • My Light

    My mind brings me there, Plunged in dark abysmal depths, Your love brings me here, Where the wild flowers grow, Kissing deep indigo rain.

  • Seville Summer

    Do you remember, The heat of the summer sun, Touching sweet florals, Wafting their scent into wind, Speaking softly of romance?

  • Little Creatures

    Once upon a time, There lived fairies in the vines, Small transparent wings, Carrying light and laughter, As the midsummer wind blows.

  • Paradox

    The deep stained lover,Laid amongst magnolias,Opening skyward,The wind settles with despair,Revealing datura’s bloom.

  • A Wooden Door

    Cool stone touching spine,As burdens ease from mind’s eye, Leaning against years,Reflecting on the beauty,Eyes closed in meditation.

  • First Contact

    In a waking dream,  I’m breathing underwater,  Sunlight envelops.  I stand suspended in warmth,  Giving myself this moment.  I glance down at hands,  Beautiful glistening light, Reflecting colors. As if i was a mermaid,  As peace settles in, i hear. A whisper of sound,  At first melodic, subtle.  Then, incessant scream.  It demands full attention, …

  • The “One”

    Bits of rust peek through It smells metallic, like blood  Love lockdown, the one  Perhaps forgotten, it hangs Forlorn, Waiting, I wonder.  

  • Breathe Fire Into Me

    Breathe fire into me, As sleek chrome body lay still. Metal mannequin. Suspended in time, waiting. No concept of life and death. Breathe fire into me, Adrenaline birth canal. Blue blood coursing through, Electrified molded eyes, Bright black jewels like onyx. Breathe fire into me, As machinery whirl, Start. Hey, tell me your name. My…

  • Green Daydreams

      Marvel, outside space Reaching for the horizon Soft chirps of sparrows Arms resting on the ledge, breeze As the sun shines, reverie