Tag: tankapoem

  • Clytie

    In full bloom, summer Bees reach for sun pollen To find her smiling Infinite devotion, love Always looking towards the sun

  • Let’s Dance

    Lingering touch on waistDeep brown eyes pull me in, closeSublime delight, dance Body burning, whispering Come open Pandora’s box

  • Sleepy Magic

    There lies a pond, watch As Koi fish move like ink stainsUnder the tree eaves Rain begins to fall, misting My little house slowly wakes

  • Childhood

    Flutter kicks of eyes Rolling over to prevent New day from coming One more hour would be nice Oh but Saturday cartoons

  • Groovy Vibrations

    As I close my eyes The breeze embraces my face Muffled voices, aware Jazzy beats engulf my brain Inspiring pen to paper Kaleidoscope, cool Suspended, transitional Cocooned in colors Pulsating, deliberating Beats to words from words to beats All channels open Origami flexibility Reaching for the core Delving into depths unknown Devastating, consciousness. Percussion rumbles…

  • Missing You

    Breath so cold white cloud Hands holding deliciousness Sticky sweet in mouth Surrounded by powder high Cozy fireplace calling

  • Growth

    There is something said As dew drops collect on leaves The soft rush of wind As the morning worm inches To reach metamorphosis

  • The Farmhouse

    Soft lips touching skin As the midnight light dance The sweet scent of flesh Pungent, entwined sighs fill air Echoing, softly through wind.

  • Unrequited

    Where the sun meets sea A place of utmost desire  Fleeting touches, twice  Heavy melancholy drapes As deep as the oboe hums  

  • Dreaming of Wolves

    The wind becomes still,  Canyons fall into slumber  As the dust settled  The stars fill the open night sky  Wolf pups come out to explore.