Tag: tankapoem

  • On Trains

    There’s something about trains, Eternally wandering, Catching reveries, Transitioning from mind space, To actual physical place.

  • Bubble Power

    A moment of the past, The innocence of childhood, Laughter fill the air, Iridescent colors pop, The same amusement reclaimed.

  • Temple Grounds

    Lush greenery meet, The soft give of the wood floors, Breathing the crisp air, As the birds rustle branches, Persuading the trees to sing.

  • Heartache

    Your softness is cursed, Razor edge cut in deeply, Mortal wound pooling, As the rose blooms freely, The world continues to breathe.

  • Lunch

    Regular work day, Craving a grilled cheese sandwich, Tomato soup please, Heaven on earth crunch texture, Taste buds fully satisfied.