Tag: thoughts

  • Philosopher’s Stone

    A grain of sand  Falls  From your hand  Bending  With time  That cracked open  Swirling  Into space A midnight abyss  Gone in a blink of an eye  Reaching galaxies  Reality  shifts  The grain of sand  Falls back into your  Palm As if it never left.  You stare at it  Asking  What is truth?

  • Cigarette Break

    Breeze in the day,Sunlight warming prickly skin.Exhale,Ringlets of cigarette smoke,Disappearing into the wind.Invisible tendrils,Attaching to the collar of a shirt,The hem of a skirt.Inhale,Cool mint.The sound of paper burning,Eyes on the horizon,Revisiting,Capsule memory.A feeling,With the scent of old smokes.

  • Butterfly Effect

    Anchored to the ground, Feeling the years in the stone, Butterfly wings poised.

  • Sunset

    Heavy lids droop to sleep, The last remaining light shines, Calling to the moon.

  • Dripping

    Eerily beautiful, Bulbs of enticing delight, Place you in my mouth.

  • Thoughts on Sunbeams

    Why is it that on somedays, I mentally kneel down, Tilt my head to the sky, Touch my fingers to my brows, My chest, Shoulder pads, Praise the omnipotent. Not exactly, Pious. But, something sends a release. Maybe I fear grave yards, The spirits slowly shifting three quarters watching, Telling, Judgement. Or that my heart…

  • Her face

    Remorse courses through, When I look into your eyes, Mirroring feelings.

  • Meeting Places

    If you could just stay, Where the lavender meets tree, You have seen beauty.

  • Old Places

    Can you hear them sing? The bygone years and the birds. What is remembered?

  • Panic

    Breath like a runaway train, Tunnel vision, Hands trembling, I need to get out. Stumbling into the hall, Exit. Where is the EXIT? Sweat rolling down my back, I feel it sticking. Frantic, Pressed button, Fireflies in my vision, Elevator Dings, My feet file out, Air. Where am I? Now get a Cab. Please the…