Tag: travel

  • Spanish Garden

    Idyllic garden, What can I say about you? Showcasing your beautiful summer,  Enhanced by angular manmade walkways. Flaunting a wild beauty unparalleled, Lushness to the brim,  Centered by a stone fountain.  My fingers drawn to touch,  Cold and smooth, Against the hot sun. It is here, I sat,  And wept tears of joy.  For in…

  • Seville Summer

    Do you remember, The heat of the summer sun, Touching sweet florals, Wafting their scent into wind, Speaking softly of romance?

  • There is love

    Did you know that the sea speaks to me? The sweet ebb and flow of the water,  Lulls me into a deep trance.  It tells me to continue, To embrace the suffering,  And remember the sweetness. It tells me to sleep, On those starless nights, To appreciate the love, When the stars bloom. It teaches…

  • On the self

    When you become tired, of,  simply,  surface jumping.  Dive deeper,  Be brave.  Look beyond,  the space where the sand kisses the ocean. Dive deeper, reaching for more depth. Deeper still, as phantom manta rays envelop you. Dive deeper, as pitch black night transitions into ghostly glimmers. Dive deeper,  as the air becomes too sparse to…

  • Paradox

    The deep stained lover,Laid amongst magnolias,Opening skyward,The wind settles with despair,Revealing datura’s bloom.

  • A Deep Note

    It was there,  The aftertaste of a note played on a grand piano,  lingering in the air.  As the heart floats in melodic pain,  The soul anchors in deep bass. 

  • A Girl in a Daydream

    Her eyes transfixed,  A linen drape on a balcony,  Muted tan color dancing in the wind.  Billowing waves, Leaving sections of light and shadow on the wooden floor.  Beckoning,  An arm reaches for the light,  As fingers sway in the open air. Slowly, One foot moves in front of the other.  Straight Line.  As naked…

  • On Beauty

    Late night stroll, my gaze, Fall upon sea butterflies, Fluttering in soft light, Here colors melt. As phantom orange limbs give way to fresh ink blots, As mother of pearl droplets give way to paint splatters, Mesmerizing, Enclosed space. I wonder, Would it be beauty otherwise?

  • Take Me There

    Take me to a place, Where the leaves reach like fingers, to speak to the stars. Take me to a place, Where tears that linger, Fall like dew drops onto the grass. Take me to a place, where my voice becomes the ocean, in ebb and flow. Take me to a place where my eyes…

  • Divine Pressure

    As the sky turns crimson,I lay in your arms,Gazing into your soul,Allowing waves of amber vibrations to find way, Into my being. I raise my hand,Cupping your cheek.You smile. As the sky turns crimson,Bloodstone.Casting a glow on your face,Folding into imperfections.My eyes, Follow.The outline of hair,Emphasis,Thin grey strands.Fingertips reach, Tickled by little bristles.I spy,The beginning…