There in a moment, 

Crinkled eye corners, 

The soul, 

Dancing from light to deep blue, 

Holding it,

Slowly shifting back,

Gradients of warmth,

Reminiscent of the summer sky.

Beautiful, but I didn’t want to stay. 

A stone skip, 

Dark brown, 

between milk and dark chocolate,

Intensity burning, 

It hurts to feel that gaze,

Beginning to drown, 

Freezing, yet somehow warm, 

Hot, if you let it, 

It shouldn’t happen,

Palms sweating,

Up to my neck,

How to break free?

I don’t want to.

Warped sense of reality. 

It isn’t real, I mumble. 

Perceptions of your mind.

Those eyes… something is there.  


I know. 

Don’t talk. 

A fleeting thought of what could be.

Where am I?

A whirlwind of emotion.

Hold me close, 


Strange winds. 

Unbecomingly desperate.

An awareness, 


Blacked it out. 

It was nothing after all. 

Moments are made to pass. 

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