Black Lily

I want more, 

But more requires more, 

And here in this moment, I cannot provide anymore. 

Bone tired. 

I feel a disconnect. 

I feel the unspoken words lingering in the air. 

Transparent sheet, 

Shifting in the silent lifeless wind. 

How can I love like this? 

Where are the answers?

When God made me did he intend on this torture?

Oh how he wanted to be revered, almighty, to have sent decaying disciples into this world. 

The kind that society deem incapable and useless.

Illness; They call it for the hopeful. 

Was this his manipulation?

A call to arms for fear of losing his omnipotence. 

Use the creatures of delightful pain.

Beautiful, Nonetheless.  

Give me light, 

Part the sea,

I refuse to be your child. 

Where would I be if I let go?

No control. 

Let it all go to sleep. 

In my minds eye,

I’ve lost my war.

My dignity impounded and my life force a needle point away from death.

Drama for your mama. 

The lillies are black, Ma.

Don’t you see?

The sky is orange. 

And my heart is grey. 

Sloughing skin from my face 

My mind loses a day. 

I’m okay.

Ma, the lilies are black. 

Don’t you see? 

They know it’s over. 

Pitch Black. 


I’ll never hear from you again.

My choice. 

The Lily is indeed black. 


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