Self Love

Reaching my spine, Tall.

S p r e a d i n g,

my legs.

folding to the right,

placing my head to knee,

hands cupping the tops of my toes,

K i s s i n g,

a piece of my upper thigh,

right above my knee cap.

s o f t


Breathing in,

Breathing out,


Listening to the natural hum of my body.

H o l d i n g.

Spine tall, again.

Folding my body to the left.

Head to knee,

K i s s i n g another piece of my thigh.

It tickles.

Breathing in,

Breathing out.

Thinking of only the present.


The beautiful r e l e a s e,

of my muscles,

my ligaments,

and my breath.

All the light in the world resides here.

For the moment,

I am happy.

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