Thoughts on Sunbeams

Why is it that on somedays,

I mentally kneel down,

Tilt my head to the sky,

Touch my fingers to my brows,

My chest,

Shoulder pads,

Praise the omnipotent.

Not exactly,


But, something sends a release.

Maybe I fear grave yards,

The spirits slowly shifting three quarters watching,



Or that my heart breaks,


For the pain of living.

In this world,

In my mind,

Of complete destruction.


I praise you.

So, will you let me in?

Don’t answer.

Let me remember the days of bright sunbeams,

Shining through murky windows,

Warming my skin.

The brilliant blues of a clear day.

And the far away gaze of someone,

Seeking solace here.

Speak no evil,

Willful ignorance.

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