Can you hold me 

In the depths of your being 

Cradle my fragile soul 

Nurse me to full health 

Coddle me through 

The wind 

The rain 

The sleet

The snow

Protect me from real

Metaphorical bears and beasts

Keep me from downing in my mind’s flood 

Like a mother?

Can you hear 

My soft cries of despair in deep winter 

The truth in words of candy coated lies

The beginnings of my hopes

the manifestations of my dreams

Like a mother?

Can you see

The scars that run to the ocean floor

The agony the lay behind my empty eyes

The sickly paleness of my once vibrant skin  

As far as your eyes can see 

That I am here

Like a mother?

Can you touch 

The pulse of a human 

And expect them to be 


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