Summer Love

Hakone, Japan 2016

The light reflects
Deep cerulean blue
Mahogany spires reaching toward the sky
Hull facing the horizon
Sails not yet unfurled
The start of a calm day at sea
Poised for the next island
You, standing aboard
Barely a speck.

As I stand on the shore
As sand no longer meets vessel
Wide expanse
How I miss you
Remnants of your embrace on my lips
My neck
My chest
Slightly bruised
Phantom touches
As the wind brushes my hair
Your musk unfolds from crevices of my skin
Of your eyes that turn a stormy black
In passion
Of how your lips slowly grin into a genuine smile
Of the roughness of your hands
Like sandpaper
How they could hold my world
Turn around
Turn around
Turn around
I scream to the sea
No one by my side
Not even an echo
I promised to wait for your return
Will you remember our summer love?

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