Montserrat -Barcelona, Spain

I sat there counting to 100.

breathing in,

breathing out. 

Images float into my consciousness,

the first thought is to hold on to it,

magnify it,

stretch it out,

dig into it,

turn it upside down.

Rumination takes center stage. 


back to breath.

50, 51, 52, 

Spine tall,

sounds reach my ears,

the soft whirl of the dish washer,

the sharp bark of a dog.

Sensations arise,

the cool air of the air conditioner hits my fingertips,

I feel the soft mat beneath me, 

Beyond that the hard wood floor.

back to breath, 

98, 99, 100, 

Now focus,

no counting this time, 

breathe in, 

breathe out.

The inner voice bubbles up, 

How much longer?

breathe in,

breathe out.

A light slowly rises behind my eyelids,

the sun perhaps? 

is it moving?

penetrating light,

it hurts.

I open my eyes,

the room is dark.

Confusion hits,

I close my eyes again.

Blinding light,

Tears start to form at the corner of my eyes,

breathe in, 

breathe out, 

Today was a good session.

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