Spanish Garden

Andalusia, Spain

Idyllic garden,

What can I say about you?

Showcasing your beautiful summer, 

Enhanced by angular manmade walkways.

Flaunting a wild beauty unparalleled,

Lushness to the brim, 

Centered by a stone fountain. 

My fingers drawn to touch, 

Cold and smooth,

Against the hot sun.

It is here,

I sat, 

And wept tears of joy. 

For in your garden of eden, 

I feel,

The giant trees bend ever so slightly,

To hear the birds sing, 

The song of Andalusia. 

I see,

The brilliant explosion of lilac hues, 

In blooming flowers,

Nestled against fresh greenery, 

Luring honey bees. 


As I close my eyes, 

The smell of sweet wine, 


My limbs melt into the ground, 

Drunk off the beauty of nature,

I sigh, 

In my dazed contentment,


I am alive. 

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