I Think Of You Now

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

I think of you now, 

against the snowy backdrop, 

large brown eyes crinkling,

hands grasping freshly felled snow, 

a mischievous grin spreads. 

I think of you now,

wrapped up in a tight cocoon,

your head on my lap,

as your rhythmic breath soothes, 

Tranquil is my heart.

I think of you now, 

cuddling our furry friend, 

in the next second,

chasing him around the couch,

your deep laugh resonating. 

I think of you now,

at the very edge of your seat,

in concentration, 

hands gripping your controllers 

as the screen flicker and dance. 

I think of you now, 

as I reflect on my day, 

the warmth that it brings, 

remembering the details,

speaking softly of my love. 

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