autumn fallen leaves on gravestone
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Searching for meaning, 

In the deep blue.

As I paddle my way to the horizon, 

Reaching for the truth, 

Or some form of it. 

My eyes sting with tears, 

Thinking of the last time, 

You said, 


Searching for an explanation, 

In the thicket of the pines. 

As I start to run fast,

into the forest.

Holding on to the remnants of your touch, 

My shoulders tremble. 

Thinking of the last time, 

You held, 

Me close. 

Searching for a connotation, 

In these words.

As I write my way into oblivion,

Touching a chord in my heart.

My fingers quiver, 

Thinking of the last time, 

You spoke, 

My name. 

I search and search,

Only to find, 

Fleeting traces of you, 


My heart cannot bear the permanence, 

Of your,


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