Hopeless Romantic

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Photo by Tuesday Temptation on Pexels.com

Love is but an,

Evolutionary program.

As my hand reaches for yours,

warmth seeping to my core.

Love is but a,


Designed by logic.

As my lips searches for yours,

fire burning through my veins. 

Love is but an,

Evolutionary program.

As my eyes met yours, 

Electric currents reaching my soul.

Love is but a,

Desire to procreate.

As my body shudders in yours. 

Bliss enveloping my earthly form.

Love is

Love is

Love is you. 

3 responses to “Hopeless Romantic”

    • Thank you! I was thinking about survival of the fittest and how love is nothing but biological reasoning and without the emotional aspect it mimics a machine/robot. if that makes sense.

      • That makes sense! One thing that I always tell people is that love is a choice. The emotional part of it only goes so far but being there for the person, investing time, sacrificing what’s valuable to you for their benefit–that is all a choice, and that’s what love comes down to. It fascinated me to see this idea reflected in your piece!

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