The Process

book pages with coffee stains
Photo by Rachel Claire on

Coffee stains 

On a ceramic mug 

A half smoked cigarette perched on the ashtray

Keyboard clacking 

As you figuratively move across the screen 

In my minds eye 

In fits and starts 

Filling all corners of my being 

With concoctions of words 

To describe


Coffee stains 

On a sheet of loose leaf paper 

A smudge of chocolate

from a half eaten croissant on my lips. 

As you fill my pen with emotion 

Dragging it across white paper 

Filling the void 

With expressions to outline 


Coffee stains 

On loose napkins 

The stale scent of hemp

lingering in the air 

As you pull me close 

Lips in my ear 

The sound of your voice 

Saturating my mind 



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