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Today’s a nice day,

I muse. 

I pull open the one window in the kitchen.

My arms turns to gooseflesh. 

A bit crisp. 

I breathe in, 



Fresh start. 

I turn toward the pot of coffee on brew,

The smell wafting into my focus.

Bringing fond memories, 

Of us, 

Eating breakfast, 

On a Sunday. 

My eyes catch on to,

A just ripened banana, 


I scrawl a note.

In blue.

“I miss you”

I flip it to the back,


The sticky bit.

Pieces of stray fur.

Probably, cat. 

Last sheet.

Good luck, perhaps?  

Never mind it. 

I tack it on the fridge, 

walking away. 

The wind 

Sweeps in 

carrying It 

to the 


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