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I found myself laying down 

In a pile of your old clothes 

Inhaling the smell of old spice

Fresh and crisp 

Mixed with a tinge of musk 

And a brush of coconut 

A scent that is undeniably you 


It just is 

Where everything else in the world 

Is ambiguous 

It feels like a pair of well worn 


A magic fit 


Article of clothing. 

Falling down 

The rabbit hole 

Eyes transfixed on the white ceiling 

Daydreaming about the feel of your hands 

Entwined with mine 

The sound of the birds 

On our daily walks 

The way you laugh at me 

when I walk down the stairs 

With sleep in my eyes

You with a spatula 

making chickpeas for dinner 

My absolute worst nightmare

Filling up Jars 

With our daily 


Like Fireflies 

Can the world stop here 

Before father time moves forward 

Before the light in our mind’s eye 

Worn with age 


Before the image fades 

And the details blur? 

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