Night Terror

anonymous person imitating terrible monster behind window
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

Bound by invisible rope

Extremities fighting to move 

As the mouth in my minds eye 

Opens wide like a black hole 


Into a void 

My body 


Trapped inside a prism 

With Satan on my chest 

Tap tap tap 

Goes his fingers on my forehead

Black ink shrouding his face 

Tendrils of midnight smoke trailing

I scream 

And scream 

But all you hear is 


Completely mute 

I pray to wake up 

Only to find myself 

Forced down 

By the weight of the world

Slowly being sucked 

Like quick sand into the abyss 

I feel tears running down my cheeks

But my eyelids are glued 

Like a fetus

Not quite formed 

I fight for an eternity 

Until the sun comes up. 

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