brown tunnel near body of water
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The soft whisper of the wind 

Echoing through the cavern

The air is warm 


I breathe in 

The musky scent 

Wondering who’s abode 

I have stumbled into 

As I wander further in 

I reach a long winding path 

With suspended doors 

Reaching into eternity 

Colors of deep mahogany 

To vivid pinks 

And mystic purples.

I reach for the knob 

And the door disappears 

It was a brilliant turquoise in color 

Not meant to be

Deeper in I go

Touching the wood with fingertips 

And each time 

it would go up in smoke

finally, I reach the final door

a wonderous hue of deep blue 

like the ocean 

it opens

I walk forward 

And land 

In a lake 

With the sun glimmering on the water 

Casting reflections 

And the faint laughter of children wafting from the shore 

My toes barely touching round rocks

I swim to shore. 

I swim to shore. 

I swim to shore.

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